Talk me into DeWalt 887(NVM I OWN IT NOW)

An opportunity has presented itself
I can get this for 15% off AND get a $50 GC… good deal right?
So I would be buying into a different battery platform as I’m already well invested into Porter Cable’s 20v line BUT I have a buyer for my PC stuff and if I sell I’d keep 2 batteries and a drill. I have been holding out hopes for PC to make a brushless impact but it’s looking like it’s not gunna happen.

So pull the trigger get the DeWalt impact at a rather good deal and force myself into a different battery line(not a bad thing)?

Crickets… My Porter Cable stuff is sold I have to show up and work Monday morning, I MUST have an Impact tomorrow! Is this the Best deal? Insights? Opinions?

Personally I like Ridgid and Milwaukee. Then again I have lots of friends with DeWalt and they say they wouldn’t but anything but that.

Oh don’t get me wrong I’d love going Milwaukee, but this DeWalt deal seems too good to pass. The similarly equipped Red tool is about $300 I’m getting this for $170 + $50GC so net of $120.

Thats a free puppy if I ever saw one.

That $120 will turn into a lot more through building your collection right? Does DeWalt have the additional tools you like to use? If you aren’t going to invest in them much beyond this and need a new impact drill, sure why not. If you are planning on investing in another platform overall by selling your existing PC then I’d personally do more comparison shopping with the other tools I want to collect.

Seeing as how today is the last day for the gift card you are out of options, otherwise I’d encouraged you to wait and see what DeWalt is coming out with on the 26th. Oops. 21st. Tomorrow!!!


Ya DeWalt offers everything I’ll need, can’t wait to see what’s coming out #worldsfirst, I’m loving this 887 so far… crazy strong!

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Bastards!!! They just announced the PC brushless!!! Oh well… I’m crazy happy with DeWalt, my pocket isn’t tho!

And just like that my yellow tools are already growing… FREEBIE DCD780 and 1.5 Battery(I know small but FREE) from a guy I work with, only slightly used… almost new condition :slight_smile: he bought it and a week later he bought the hammer version so he just tossed em to me!