Tariffs making tools more expensive?

Hi guys, doing some research to see how tariffs are impacting our tool prices.

let me know if you’ve seen any big price jumps on any tools in the past year or so. Feel free to share your thoughts with me. Thanks!

It may get a bit complicated - because we have US Tariffs being imposed - but the Yuan is also falling in value versus the dollar

As per https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/list-of-products-impacted-by-trump-china-tariffs-trade-war-2019-6-1028412771

Electronics: A wide range of electronics including cellphones and related materials, telephone sets, food grinders and processors, headphones, recorders, microwave ovens, electrothermic appliances such as hairdryers, lithium-ion batteries, video monitors, television accessories

Machinery and mechanical appliances: Ceiling fans, burners, furnaces, dishwashing machines, dryers, parts of fire extinguishers, ovens, cooking stoves, lawnmowers, printers, snowplows, cranes, brewing machinery, baking instruments, knitting and weaving machines, chainsaws, keyboards, scanners, cash registers

Tools: Knives, razors, scissors, cutlery, padlocks, keys

Glues, adhesives, and enzymes

Among many other products.

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I still am not sure about how tariffs will push prices upwards - or what the US government will do with this extra tax money collected - but I got a sales email from Great Lakes Power tools this morning and here’s what they said:

“Save 5% on all orders placed now through 8/16/2019. Offer ends at midnight.
Coupon Code: FLASH814
*Due to tariff price increases orders will be restricted to on hand inventory. Our system won’t let you order more than we have on hand for most items.”