Think I Have My Boss Talked Into A Veto MCT! Added Photos

Gents, I may be getting my mitts on a new Veto bag. I showed my boss the seventeen year old Klein 5167 I have been carrying and he allowed as how mine was long in the tooth. So I popped off about getting a Veto MCT. He seemed okay with it even though they are very expensive.

I like the Veto concept though it is actually not new in function. Look at the Parat line of leather tool cases. They’ve been around for decades.They use a vertical tool organisation method like Veto but not nearly as densely populated with pockets or tool holders.

I have handled the Vetos in person and talked directly with a number of contractors who were using them and let me see their set up. For my money Veto is the best built tool bag I have seen. And the vertical organising method closely follows what Adam Savage calls ‘First Order Retrieveability’. A thought that no tool should have to be moved or removed to access it for use. A philosophy I concur with. About as close as you can come to this in a factory made bag is Veto.

I will likely make a few mods to if if I get it. Pocket size for driver storage is not ideal in my estimation. Look up HVACRat on YouTube for mods on his XL size bag. BTW, I edited this post to try to shorten it. It was really long and rambling. Sorry.

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Good luck, congrats!

Veto bags are certainly very nice and organizational-friendly. They are also quite heavy though, a reasonable tradeoff unless you’ll be hand or shoulder-carrying it across long distances.

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Just got it in today. Very, very nice. And indeed, it is tall enough to hold your 8 inch shaft screwdrivers. I will need to spend some time sorting it out as to which tool fits which pocket but overall I am pretty impressed.

I still have some initial issues with the width of the back row pockets as it pertains to storing screwdrivers but I think I can sort that problem with the Chicago screw fix. Veto is getting closer and closer to a service tech that is not aimed at general residential construction or the HVAC lads. Nothing wrong with that but let’s include some products aimed at electrician and troubleshooter types.

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Okay, here are some photos of the loaded MCT. Who doesn’t like tool bag photos?

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Very cool! (20 characters)

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Here is a load out list. From left to right. Back row to front row. Front side first(the one with the most pliers)

All Klein L-R; 1/4" 5/16" nutdrivers with 3 inch shafts, 1/4x8" cabinet tip #2x7" Philips, 1/4"x4 #2 Philips 3/16"x4 cabinet tip, 3/8" 11/32" nutdrivers with 3 shafts

Knipex 02 05 225 combination pliers, Knipex 28 21 200, Wiha 1/8" precision screwdriver, Knipex 74 21 200 high leverage diagonal cutters, Knipex 87 01 180 Cobra

Ideal T stripper 45-124, Klein #1x3" shaft Philips, Klein 5100 IT shears(can’t see them/too low in the pocket), Ideal 45-618

5/16" 1/4" stubby Klein nutdrivers, Klein stubby 1/4" & #2 Philips

Back side(with meter)
Klein #3x6" Philips, Klein screw holders slotted and Philips(really like these they have the sliding collar to hold the screw), Klein nutdrivers with 6 inch shafts 3/8" 11/32" 5/16" 1/4" These are redundant and will replace the ones on the other side for daily use.

Klein 6 in 1 tap tool, Mega Pro security multi bit screwdriver, Ideal fuse puller, Knipex 87 01 250 Cobra, Klein magnetic level

Fluke T5-1000 stick meter, Brady lockout/tag out kit.

I will tweak this kit a bit more as I go. I have already removed the security driver and will soon remove the short shaft nut drivers since it just makes sense to use the 6 inch models for everything. If I need the shorter ones I can get them from the service truck. I will likely fill the slots where they currently reside with a few insulated drivers. I would like to add my set of Wera precision drivers but there is no great spot for them. Other than taking one pocket and jamming them all in there to keep them upright which I do not like the idea of.

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Near one year update. Bag is holding up superbly. Great carry option. I have updated the tool inventory in it. I have indeed removed the 3 inch Klein nutdrivers. I have always liked the longer ones better and they are no issue 99% of the time. I also removed the Mega Pro security driver. It don’t use it often enough to justify carrying it around every day. I have also added a set of Wera precision drivers and a hex key set. I have it set up pretty well for my electrical maintenance work. I would say the MCT is about as heavy as you want to go for using it like a pouch. The MC series was definitely a good move by Veto for that market.

Improvements I would like? Sure. I still thing Veto should make all pockets along the center wall on each side for one driver with up to an 8 inch shaft length. Make the pocket body 9 inches deep and wide enough to accommodate up to a 1/2 inch nut driver shaft. Flare the top one inch of the pouch to allow the narrow part of the handle to nest in the pocket without letting it fall down into the pouch. This would accommodate ninety percent of driver makes on the market. More importantly, it would allow you to store anything from a #1 Philips with a three inch shaft up to an 8 inch long, 1/2 wide Keystone tip in the same pocket types. None of them would fall down into the pocket and yet would be held securely by the handle. See Veto? I just ‘fixed’ you tool bags.:grinning:

I would also like to see them increase the interior height of all their closed top bags, including the MCT, to about 16 inches inside. This would allow you to lever them out of the pockets I described above much easier and decrease crowding with longer handle tools like a big set of Cobra pliers or similar. And for goodness sake, get rid of those useless ‘bit pockets’ on the top back and the little loops on the front of the lower pockets. My intent with the drives all on the back wall is to free up some room at the bottom front of each side for bit boxes. All the brands now make handy plastic assortment boxes that would nest at the bottom the bag and are the way to store and carry bits.

And yeah, I know I have my stubbies parked there but they could move. And one more thing. Make the narrow pockets on the interiors side panels deep enough to hold my precision drivers. Right now the Weras have all the handle and some of the shaft hanging out if I try to use them there. Other than those wish list items this is turning out to be a great tool carrier. I will say that Veto is about as close to the perfect tool bag as you can get. At least for me.