Tool shows for the public

Hi from the UK. We only have really small tool fairs here in the UK, do you know of any tool shows in the USA that are good. I don’t mean trade/dealer shows I mean shows for the general public.



I’m getting to be an old codger - so take what I say with a grain of salt.
My take is the best show is one you haven’t attended lately. They all have a certain deja vu about them - and I’ve come away from some happy that someone provided me with free tickets - that I did not travel too far - and waste too much of my time.

If you are planning to be within the environs of a show on this side of the pond - maybe you might get something out of one. Here a a few links to ones that I’ve attended (#2 and #3 are trade shows):

If your interest is in automotive tools or mechanic’s tools this one might be of value :

But I’m surprised that European shows like Ligna in Hannover are not on your list.

Hi Mark,
(Love your mounts btw, got 8 of them in my garage)
I think your two main options in the UK are the Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs Live. Neither are ‘tool-centric’ but both feature tool suppliers, particularly small-scale novel-concept items, in the margins.
There’s also touring shows which feature tool suppliers such as the Homebuilding & Renovating Show.
And of course there is also Toolfair which is technically just for trades but not exactly a challenge for public to attend.


Thanks for replying. Ligna is on our list to visit but it does clash with a show I do for my day job. We don’t sell wholesale we just want to deal direct with the public which is going well in the UK, we would like to do more in the US. Its about to be on which will help. I have no experience with the scale of things over there so trying to get more of an understanding. I am going to come over for the national hardware show in May but I’d really like to find a good show to sell direct to the public at.

Glad you like our mounts. In my day job (nurseryman and landscaper) we did Grand Designs and Ideal Home She for many years. I’m looking more for tool fairs (which I have found in the UK) in the US but dealing direct to the public.