Toolguyd is a Special Place

I was just over on PTR and a recent ‘article’ promoted a buy a bare dewalt tool and get a free 5.0ah battery at Acme tools. I looked at the compact router as it’s been in my Amazon cart for a few weeks for $119 (I have seen it at $131 as week I. The same timeframe). At Acme tools the router is $219.

Amazon also has the advertised ‘free’ battery for $93 w/ a charger.

So for $219 at Acme you can get a router and 5ah battery pack. Bought separately at Amazon you get the same router, battery, and charger plus one day shipping for $212 (some may get 2- day shipping depending on your location). The difference is lunch money for today. So you get lunch as well for the same price as Acme.

My point: Stuart always does his diligence on similar posts and would always call out the other options and benefits… just a reminder of the uniqueness and quality of this site! Thanks Stuart!