Tools that generate heat!

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My name is Greg and this is my first post… I wanted to start my first discussion based on a topic that has been on my mind recently.

“Tools that generate heat”- I’m curious to know how many people can name tools that workers use on a job site that involve the application of having to heat up something. I’ve heard of a heat gun but I don’t really know what it does can anyone help me continue this discussion by naming the tool and what it does?

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So a heat gun by analogy is a tool - not unlike a hair dryer.
It has a fan that blows air over an electric (much less commonly a butane or propane heated) element that heats the air. the electric ones can be corded or cordless. Many of these guns have controls to vary the air flow (fan speed) and/or the temperature of the heating element. Some have interchangeable heating elements of different wattages - producing different temperatures. Many allow you to blow air without heating it up. Many come with add-one that help you direct or control the flow of the heated air.
Common uses are drying, heat shrinking of tubing or tape (in electronics and electrical applications), warming up adhesives (as in sticker removal), warming paint and varnishes (as an aid in scarping them off). warming frozen pipes.

Other tools that use heat to accomplish their work include:

Torches (fuel gases include acetylene, natural gas, propane and butane - with or without oxygen)

Soldering irons (Electric - corded and cordless and butane/propane fueled or just heated)

De-Soldering tools

Inductive heating tools

Infrared heaters (electric or fueled)

Bucket/Pail heaters

Glue pots

Solder pots

Tire Heaters

Sealing and edgebanding irons

Craft Irons

Plastic Welders

Metal welders

Pyrography tools

Charcoal fire starter

Hot Knife

PVC pipe bender

Pipe fitting sweating iron: