Torque wrench upgrade

Hey does anyone know if Matco torque wrenches are available through their OEM? I want to upgrade my 1/2 drive to a digital one with torque angle. This past summer I upgraded my 3/8 to the Matco ETWB100FKBG and love it. Was wondering if the OEM made the same one or if they just make it for Matco. Thanks

I don’t know - but maybe this Gearwrench 85079 might meet your needs at a lot less cost:

thanks Fred I’ll check reviews price is definitely better

when you say though their OEM do you happen to know who makes this for MATCO? I know they used a few companies for some of their things but I don’t know who they would get for this. AS of right now I see 2 types of this torque wrench style (I’m looking at one too) and one of the Gearwrench/AC delco/? version and the other is the Snap On version. so I think the Matco one based on the look seems to be alot like the gearwrench model with a slightly different handle.

I’m also thinking about getting one of those adapter devices - they appear to be very accurate for the money. I used on one a buddy’s tesla to fix the wheel hub, he got it because it was cheaper than a torque wrench. and by jove it worked very well. I set 2 lugs with my 1/2 drive torque wrench to the 125 ft lbs - then used this device to test the rating and it was within 1.2% so just as easy that my torque wrench was off a bit too - hard to say really. but then I used it to set 2 more lugs and we used it to set the axle nut torque - easy peasy to use. granted in a tighter space it might not fit so well.

I’ve seen the torque adapters and if I was in a mechanic truck I would go that direction to save room on the truck but since I’ve already dedicated room for for a more conventional 1 I’ll probably go with the longer one. As for the OEM I guess I was asking if anybody new who it was. I know Matco is owned by Apex same as gearwrench