Tough Workwear Recommendations

What are some budget-friendly workwear recommendations? A couple of friends recommended Carhartt, but I’m wondering if there are some other recommendations for the typical DIY home users that work in shrubbery and pruning. Thank you.

Duluth makes quality tough work wear with nice innovations such as built in knee pad pockets. They are however pricey and I find their firehose item a bit too bulky.

Another brand I like a lot which isn’t a true work wear is 511 Tactical. A lot of their gear is stretchy and doesn’t have as much bulk.

Other brands I know of that people wear often include dickies, timberland, cat, and truewerk has been getting a lot of attention lately.

The fit of Duluth pants is hard. They told me to buy at least a size up and they’ll shrink to the right size. Last pair I bought, I washed them and they shrunk too small. Wouldn’t let me return them, I was really disappointed.

Also their slip in knee pads literally stink, they smelled so bad I had to return them.

For DIY work, I’m guessing you don’t need features like pockets for knee pads, pockets that hang outside the pants (pretty weird looking.)

I’ve had luck with nylon or polyester pants designed for hiking. They are light and tough, far tougher than any cotton. They also dry quickly, and don’t shrink in the wash.

Stretch fabric is a great thing. You feel much more mobile.

If they are made from a textured fabric like ripstop, they feel a lot cooler than smooth fabrics, though a little abrasive.

Cargo pockets are okay, but a tool belt or pouch works better.

As it happens, REI is holding a Memorial Day sale right now. I see some pants for around $20. That’s 70% off. But some sizes might be missing.

I have not tried them myself (yet) but I know a few guys who swear by “Prison Blues” for reasonably priced but very tough workwear.
Personally I like Carhartt.

I guess it might also depend on time of year and where you are. I’m in america’s arm pit otherwise called the midsouth. summer here is hot, sometimes humid and windless. thus if I’m doing garden activity or mowing the grass etc I use a light khaki pant, and a thin “performace” long sleeve shirt columbia perforamce for example reason - keeps the sun off and isn’t so thick that it’s a heat sheild.

Think shirt with a net back flap and vent holes in the arm pts etc. I also find they hold up well and have nifty pockets. velco shirt pocket is good for the mobile device.

Now colder weather it’s jeans and some decent thickness shirt I like lands end T’s both short and long sleeve.

If I’m not digging in bushes or tree limbs etc etc - then it’s some cargo short and some T shirt. and sunscreen. Regardless summer time the shoes are usually golf shoes outdoors - odd I know. Why - good traction replacement spike things - comfortable to stand in. I know but they go on sale too and honestly in my yard I don’t care what I look like I’m doing yard work not a fashion show - but they do make non-white golf shoes too.

Winter time or in bush and brambes etc - then it’s ankle high boots and I use redwings.

If I ever needed an hard work outdoor coat or something like that I would shop Carhart and probably the CAT label. As I believe CAT labeled clothes are actually made by Carhart but I could be wrong.

Sorry if I hit the wrong thread. But can anybody tell me about the quality of Ariat brand coats? Are they really fire proof?