Toughsystem 2.0 2 drawer cases are 99 at HD, is it worth?

Anyone have any experience with the 2.0 two drawer cases from Dewalt? I messed with one in the store and it seems to have a positive latch so there isn’t a huge risk of it sliding open.

Also, anyone know if the yellow trays will fit in the drawers? The interior size of the cases isn’t uniform across models (the rolling case has a bigger interior outline than the others and some have extra support plastics) so it’s possible they’d fit, though kind of unlikely.

100 seems reasonable if a little expensive

when they first came out the had issues with drawer sag - notice it’s only rated for 25 lbs - which as I type this I realize that’s what the craftsman tradestack thing is rated for too. hmmm.

which is cheaper - maybe try that.

Otherwise I hear they work well I don’t have one but I sort of wanted one for a long time. but what I want to do with it I think will cause drawer sag. (use it for socket sets and my screwdriver - combo wrenches). and use it as like a top drawer for my smaller rollaround.

I have several of the prior version, looks like the only difference is the new latches. I was hoping they’d increase the size of the drawers, like they did with the toolboxes.

I’ve been very happy with them; some mild sagging but hasn’t been an issue. I’m able to fit my M18 super sawzall with a bunch of blades in a single drawer. The Packout drawers aren’t wide enough for this. The weatherseal and auto latching are superior to the Packout drawers as well.

I tried the yellow trays and they don’t fit. They’re about an inch too big in both length and width.