Travel Transformers

Any recommendations for travel transformers to charge tool batteries

First check if you need a transformer at all.
Many chargers accept multiple voltage inputs (e.g. 110/120V and 208/220V)
As an example my Milwaukee M12 chargers accept input voltages up to 240V
This should be marked on your charger under input voltage.

If they accept the higher (e.g. 220V) input - then all you need is a simple plug converter for the country you will visit.
I’m off to Europe next week and need 3 different plug converters (1 for the UK, 1 for Switzerland, and 1 for most of the other countries)

My friend wanted to know. so if you do have any recommendations and can let me know it would be appreciated.

I’m not sure what recommendations you want. The plug configurations are different for different places - but the devices are pretty much a commodity item:

this one works for most of Europe:

this is for the UK

For Switzerland

For Brazil

For China, Australia - New Zealand , Argentina

When I was in Japan - out hotels had outlet like the USA

For Israel

For South Africa

For India

I don’t have any other style - so if you or your friend is travelling anywhere else in the world - you may need to look up what style they use.

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Thanks but both my Dewalt 20v (18) chargers Dremel and Ryobi input is 120

Quel Domage as they say in France.
My Makita and Milwaukee chargers would appear to accept dual voltage inputs.

So I guess you will need a small travel transformer - no ideas on which one is best - but look at the charger’s output amps/wattage to match with the transformer

That’s exactly why I asked if anyone has any to recommend amazon reviews say that they pop

Your best bet is to leave the 110V chargers at home and buy a 220V charger in Europe (either 2-pin EU or 3-pin UK).
A cheap adapter will then convert 2-pin to 3-pin or vice-versa.

What a good idea

They do sell multi input voltage Dewalt chargers with USA-style plugs:

I’d rather get a travel transformer which I can get more use than just one thing