Truck….Van…. Neither!

Satire for sure…. Curiosity was the impetus to see how my MacPaks (Yep gen 1) would fit on the cargo carrier (ignore that ugly Festool vacuum :wink: ) It’s eerie nice; although I’d have to label the sides of the boxes as opposed to just the fronts.

While I had them out, I tested them on my uhaul dolly. That solution is way better than any of the manufacturer designed carts.

The last picture is all MacPaks in their ‘home’.

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I’ve thought about this method before, although I can’t say all my tool housing is that “square” or in this case rectangular. I’d be worried about a few things… Weather, theft (it’s right out in the open) [especially if you had to stop somewhere), and what if you got in a rear end collision, what a mess.
Obviously things would be strapped down. I like the idea just for more space in the vehicle. I did think of a small mini enclosed trailer, say something like this: . That way you could just leave it full and whenever you might need to take a bunch of tools somewhere just hitch up and go.

could you strap that down sufficiently and drive that way - how much weight is on that?

I mean I’ve thought about getting one of those for my truck but I worry a bit how that weight would affect driving that car.

Eitherway not a terrible idea but I’d look into the strapping setup. or maybe even make a net of sorts.

If someone wanted to use this solution, Strapping it all down would be a requirement for sure; and a solution for water intrusion (add rubber seals, cover with a tarp…) and theft (locks on all the cases, lock for the tongue hitch and chaining the boxes all together …… or offloading everyday could be solutions).

You’d also have to think about the additional parking hassles and if you only needed a particular case it’s hardly efficient if that case is at the bottom of the stack that day.

I also don’t know how the cases would fair long term with constant sun exposure.

I’m not sure what the total weight of the cases comes too. My particular cargo carrier is rated for 500lbs and it’s only used for camping trips.

I know this was originally satire, and as Mike points out in his last post there are a lot of unaddressed concerns (securing the boxes, keeping water out, theft, etc.). It also blocks access to the rear doors of the vehicle. But I think this is an idea that could be practical with some improvements. Update the design of the cargo carrier to make it fold out away from the vehicle to allow access to the tailgate, sort of like how a spare tire carrier on a jeep works. Have fold-down casters or legs on it so it can stand on its own easily when detached from the hitch. Add a high-quality fitted cover, or maybe a cabinet with a roll-down top, for double duty as weather and theft protection.

Good call on the roll down cabinet feature…. As it is presently set up the tailgate actually clears the cargo carrier. It’s a bad angle in the picture but I know it does from camping trips.

Anyone want to go into business on a commercial solution? :joy:

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