Trying to decide between Makita x2 saws

I’m trying to decide between the two Makita saws that are currently on sale. I was excited to get the rearhanded model, but I found out that the standard handle model cuts 1/16 deeper and can cut more per charge than the rearhanded model.

Is there any reason to go with the rearhanded? Would I be better off waiting for the 40v XGT circular saws?
The x2 saws are priced at $250 with 2 batteries and 2 free extra batteries. I think the XGT saws are priced at well above 300

I am an avid Makita user, 40+ tools across their LXT and CXT platforms. I own the XSR01 (rear handled x2 circular saw).

I haven’t used it enough to warrant an review of it; but I have been impressed with its power and also its accuracy. It was, at first, a little harder to line up cuts due to the length of the saw footprints; but I found that using the appropriate marking on the saw baseplate to be super accurate and once I got comfortable with not looking at my blade my experience was excellent. The rafter hook is a nice feature- although cumbersome and somewhat interferes with installing the batteries. This is also a hefty saw. With the two batteries installed the weight reminds me of old 15 amp saws when no one cares about ergonomics.

As for run time, I don’t know what you plan to cut and how much; but I’d be hard pressed to see you exhaust the batteries in a typical days use. Also, if a concern- you can pop the batteries on the charge while on lunch and they charge very quickly (less than an hour from empty to full).

Admittedly I have not used the XSH01 so any commentary would be based on others impressions or views and I don’t partake in espousing others opinions.

Have you looked at the Makita XSH08? It’s x2 but the baseplate is track compatible. Basically it’s a track saw without the traditional plunge (but can still plunge) capability.

As for waiting for the XGT… I think that depends on several factors.

  1. Will you buy other XGT tools or will this be your only tool on that platform?
  2. Are you already invested in the LXT lineup? Do you have batteries and can score either the XSR01 or XSH01 as a bare tool? If so you can save some money. The XSR01 is $149 on Amazon right now.
  3. I believe the XGT will be lighter, so how much use are you going to have where fatigue is a factor?
  4. Do you have an immediate need or can you wait until the XGT is released?
  5. Do you need/want AWS compatibility? Neither the XSR01 or XSH01 offer AWS compatibility.
  6. Do you have a preference for the saw blade being on left or right?

Hope this helps and welcome to the forum.

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