Trying to decide on a new cordless set. Between Makita, Bosch, Kobalt, etc

I’m planning to purchase a cordless tool kit in the next few days but I can’t make my mind up. I’m planning to spend under $300. I’d prefer if the tools were brushless and included a hammer drill. I’ve narrowed it down to these options…

The Makita two tool kit with the XPH07 hammer drill (the one with a ton of torque) and a brushless impact driver. The kit runs about $300 on its own. I’ve been waiting for a few months now for it to goon sale, but it hasn’t.

The Bosch two tool kit with hammer drill and impact driver. Neither are brushless, but they look well built. And, Lowes has the kit for $229 with a free extra tool (either a circular saw or a reciprocating saw). Sounds like a great price for three tools and two batteries from one of the better known brands.

The new 24v Kobalt kit. Has a regular brushless drill, brushless impact driver, brushless (I think) reciprocating saw, flashlight and two batteries for $349. I can trade in an old tool and get %24 off of that so it comes out to $265.

Also looked at Hitachi, but I don’t really know anything about them.

Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on these tools or which purchase would make the most sense please share.

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Toolup is offering a free battery & charger with Makita bare tool buys - so it might be worth a look at assembling your own kit:

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STEP AWAY FROM THE KOBALT!!! Seriously this day in age the Kobalt impact has a 2 handed chuck c’mon! Makita was on the short list of battery tools I was seriously considering, having used many of their tools I can positively recommend them. Every Bosch tool I’ve ever used has been corded BUT every one has exceeded my expectations and my next power tool purchase will be a Bosch CS5 saw. When it came time for me to buy into a new battery platform I was between Makita, Milwaukee and DeWalt. Then narrowed it to Red vs Yellow, and chose Yellow based solely on the impact driver. I got a great deal on the DCF887 kit($170 AND a free $50 GC) and a guy I work with gave me a DCD780 with a 1.5ah battery free! So I got (arguably) the best impact made with a drill charger and 3 batteries for a net of $120(also sold off all my Porter Cable 20V tools so I actually ended up making $100 in the end).

I have no regrets with Makita. Started with 2 dewalt drills and moved over a few years ago. Solid cordless tools and they’ve been steady with their offerings for years not changing techs, designs, etc.

Stuart’s been busy this year with several brands tool platform announcements, and we’ll see other companies doing the same by the fall, so I’d personally hold off from getting too deep into a new tool platform.

Either way, a drill set wont be a waste if you decide to change brands next year. You cant go wrong with the bosch or makita so whichever feels best in your hand!

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I went with Makita for all of my cordless tools. I liked all of their options. Hard to beat a brand with 100+ cordless tools. Even their 36v tools run off 18v batteries, so you don’t have to go off and buy new batteries. Plus I had decided that not only their drill, but all their tools would be best for my needs (circular saw jigsaw impact driver etc) then other brands. Just my reasoning on it

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