Used SawStop CB I am considering

All, looking for some advice. I have an opportunity to buy a used SawStop CB (5HP) saw. It’s in excellent shape and was a one owner saw. Probably from 2005-2006. Comes with about 5 SawStop brake cartridges (regular and 2 Dado stack cartridges) and some extra accessories, outfeed table, etc. It’s about $3300. Same setup today is well about $6000. I think it’s a good deal. Any thoughts on this? Any reasons not to buy (other than not liking the company’s patent practices)?

In my opinion, it sounds like a very good deal. Things I would check is the squareness of the miter slot and the fence to the blade. I’d make sure that all of the buttons and adjustments work, i.e. blade, angle, blade, height, etc…

Also, a quick check to see if parts are still readily available in the event that something goes wrong with it in the next few years.

And finally, how well you know the buyer and how do they treat their tools? This one’s perhaps more difficult, but if you can get a sense of how they treat their belongings, it might give you some comfort to know that things are well cared for as that is a large amount of money to spend on a tool

Thanks much. I checked everything, but am going to make another run this week. All is square and functional. I know (of) the woodworker who owned it. He is a pretty famous woodworker and teacher who sadly is unable to use the tool anymore due to health. His tools are all in incredible shape, but this one has a slight (cosmetic) ding on the very edge of the cast iron. I call it “character”. I am going to call Saw stop tomorrow to see about part availability for this older saw and see if current accessories (like the ICS mobility kit) can work with it.

I found out the cartridges are available and the current accessories work well with the saw.

That’s great Nate. Hopefully the saw is as amazing as you’re envisioning.