Vacuum Clamp Selection

I have been looking at vacuum clamps for my woodshop. I would like to see reviews done of some of the most popular clamps out there. Including vacuum vs using compressed air with a venturi. Top inexpensive brands that I have seen are the PODZ, vacmotion, vaccusystems. V-clamp. Who has experience with these and can provide reviews or recommendations.


When I retired our shops were not yet doing any CNC work - and we used mechanical clamping for other machines and benches . I’ve only had experience with using Vacupress veneering equipment in our cabinet shop, and a Schmalz lifting device in our metal fabrication shop. Based on what I heard from our guys on the floor about the Schmalz vacu-master - I’d recommend Schmalz as a possible supplier. Festool also offers a vacuum clamping system. I’m guessing that there will be some discussion about theirs - and possible comparison to others on the Festool Owners Group site.