VR and a fancy tape measure creates a virtual notepad

I’d never seen VR used this way. I’m not all that impressed. What do people think?


IMO The overall setup is clunky, not good for the neck (no counter weight to help balance the apple vision) and the battery life isn’t there. That said, innovation starts somewhere and I can envision significant productivity increases in some scenarios. For example, framing/siding a house. Everyone yelling to the cut guy what their dimensions are - versus a ‘virtual whiteboard’ list, the measurement isn’t a ‘guess’ on an inside corner. And that’s small potatoes.

So, for being first to market and trying something new… I give this an B+

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I thought it was pretty cool. Looks very much like sci-fi movies when they use holograms floating in front of them to access and operate computer screens…

I would ask, how much of a learning curve there is to operate this. Then, calibration is key, like all things, but with something like this; is it easy to calibrate or is it a headache.

Otherwise, like I said at the outset, pretty cool!

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