Weather App for guys who face the elements

So much of what I do depends on the weather, scheduling jobs and labor chief among them. I can’t seem to find a reliable app that is accurate and informative. For instance, my app will tell me it’s going to snow tomorrow. How much? When? For how long? Getting those answers can be difficult or impossible. Plus the accuracy is horrendous. Once told me it was going to be a cold rainy day, ended up warm with not a cloud in the sky. Aweful!

Would love to hear what your using and how you like it.

I’m not sure if the Weather Company has an APP that works with their implementation f the IBM Deep Thunder machine learning models - but it might be worth a look:

I generally rely on Google Now, I’ve tried others and they all frankly suck, It’s hard to believe with all the modern tech of today that it is still extremely hard to get even reasonably accurate weather predictions.

Fred, TheWeather Underground app belongs to them. Thanks for making me look that up, I downloaded their app. I too am looking for a weather app that doesn’t suck, and as of right now it looks good .

I just downloaded Storm by the weather underground. It actually predicts precipitation totals. Really looking forward to using it. Will let you know how it works out.

I’ve been through several weather apps over the years on Android and iPhone. Right now I am using Dark Sky for iPhone. In my opinion it is very reliable…at least in coastal NC. The app includes options to setup alerts based on your desired conditions (ex. temperature, rain, snowfall, wind) in your exact area (cell phone location). It’s not a free app but worth the money.

You can access the weather forecast on their website:

I have as good luck with weather bug as anything I’ve tried.

Most of my work is outside, while this app (Raindar) doesn’t forecast but reflects current local/regional precipitation on NEXRAD Radar it also shows local traffic conditions (traffic speed) from google maps and its a lightweight app (168Kb) its fast responsive app and has real time data on rain/snow, storms general speed and direction its headed. Its a WU app but only for Android.

“Raindar displays animated Doppler radar images on your Google Map. When you start Raindar it automatically focuses on your location so you can quickly see if there is precipitation coming your way.”
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