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Good evening.

I was trying to post another follow-up to 'The Quest for Perfect Tool Storage Solutions and am receiving a 404 error.

I tried to send you an email via the site as well and it never submits (no error here).

It may be me, but I’ve tried it via multiple machines, even tried routing the traffic over a VPN in case comcast is having a routing issue, no luck.

Anyway, here is what I was trying to submit.

Do the extrusions come with diffuser covers?

For a fee, check the link I added above and then select indoor or outdoor to see your options. This is the only site I could find black anodized, other sites (1000bulbs.com) have them cheaper and in 2meter lengths.

Regarding the high CRI, the 456lm reel is 16’5" vs the high output at 9’10", so the premium is not as bad as it seems. Also, at 4200K the light is relatively neutral, neither warm nor cool, so for general use in a shop, kitchen, etc. the lower CRI value may be a little misleading as far as human eye perception goes. Photography is a hobby of mine, and I have an eye for color, thus why I was picky about being near 4000k. I wouldn’t make a photo / video lightbox with these, but honestly, the warmth of the reflected light from the butcher block, any tint in the wall paint (neutral, but pulls ever so slightly green), etc. will mask any improvements gained by the 90+CRI in practical under-cabinet use.

FYI, If you have a wall switch, I would install a dimmer (MLV type) compatible with a Zurik style driver, but you would loose your IP ratings. (also on the flexfire site)