Welcome to the ToolGuyd Tool Talk Discussion Forum!


Tool Talk is ToolGuyd’s community forum, a place for your tool-related questions, topics, and opinions.

##Here are some things you can do here:

  • Share a deal find
  • Ask for tool recommendations
  • Share a photo of your latest project
  • Break news about upcoming tools
  • Rave about your favorite tools

Some topics might be turned into ToolGuyd posts, such as reader questions: http://toolguyd.com/category/reader-question/

We might also use Tool Talk to share some informal ToolGuyd content and coverage, such as in-progress review updates, early hands-on opinions, and other stuff that’s not quite ready for a full ToolGuyd post.

Tool Talk is open to discussions, but is not a full-fledged forum. You won’t find, for example, a classified buying and selling section.


There are more guidelines and info in the FAQ: http://discuss.toolguyd.com/faq