What is this torch?

I inherited this torch in a box of jewelry making tools and supplies. Not sure if this thing is legit. There are no holes around the copper nozzle for mixing fuel and air; only the single orifice. The flame is very soft and sooty. If I add more fuel the flame stands away from the nozzle, then quickly blows itself out. It looks like some kind of thread locker or leak compound was used to attach the nozzle, so this configuration seems to be intentional. And it’s clearly meant to be screwed onto a bottle. I only have MAPP but maybe this wants oxygen? Any idea how this torch is supposed to be used?

The straight tube and the regulator/valve look like part of a camping stove to me. It doesn’t make sense that it’s for oxygen. For starters Oxygen regulators and bottles have left-hand threads to prevent people from accidentally mixing up which bottle goes where on a torch rig. If a MAPP bottle fit on it then there’s no way an oxygen bottle would. Second, an oxygen bottle alone without fuel gas would be pointless.
I think it’s either something someone DIYed or it’s missing pieces.

I think I have to go with missing pieces. Thanks. I never thought of camping stove but that sounds right.

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