What new Tools have you purchased?

This has been a big month for me with the Sawstop coming into my shop but this weekend I got the Festool HKC 55 18v brushless circular saw from Axminster Tools in the UK. Great eerie fe and very fast shipping. I had it within the week! Has anybody else gotten any new tools?

I picked up a new Ridgid 4513 portable table saw for my home shop. Before that I just had an old benchtop craftsman so it was definitely a step up. I bought a 1960’s brick ranch last year and am remodeling it pretty much from top to bottom, so I’ve been buying tools as I go.

I got a Bosch Db181 drill last summer at a company raffle, which I love, and so I ended up buying a matching impact driver that was actually the display that I convinced them to sell at a discount since they didn’t have anymore of them. Now I’m thinking I’ll try to stick with the Bosch, as the only other cordless tool that I have is an 18v nicad porter cable.

Nice! I’ve got several Bosch 18v tools and the wireless charging set up. They are great cordless tools.

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The last thing I purchased was a pair of Erem 542 flat nose pliers.
Stuart mentioned the deal for them on Amazon. I own and use small pliers from Knipex, Wiha, Crescent, Craftsman and probably a few others. The Erem are by and far the nicest. I wouldn’t have paid full price $77.00 but $15.00 was a bargain.

Not a tool, but always awaiting an order from McMaster-Carr. Hardware to finish a current project.

The next purchase will be a router. Leaning towards a Porter-Cable 690LR for $125.99 on Amazon Prime.

This week I picked up a second Craftsman Bolt-On kit (the power handle has been upgraded, the charger has been downgraded), as well as a multi-tool attachment for it. And a few cheapo wood chisels for my decking project.

I also stopped by Harbor Freight to grab a few wheel dollies (20% off of course) so I can shuffle my utility trailer around for better garage organization.

Well, I bought the 3-piece DeWalt brushless combo at Home Depot last weekend. It included the DCD795 compact hammer drill, DCF886 impact driver, DCL040 light, two 2Ah batteries, DCB112 charger, and large Tough Case. Paid $222 for it out the door. Went out Saturday and got the DCB102 dual port charger with a 4Ah battery and picked up the big 20v blower yesterday. Now I’m wanting to get the 20v trimmer on the first of the month. Like the blower, Lowe’s has them on clearance for under $160. It’s almost worth that just to get another 5Ah battery.

Last week my M12 Fuel 5 3/8 circular saw arrived along with a M12 Rotary tool. Haven’t yet used the saw but have used the rotary tool daily. Its great. Very similar to my dremel with the exception of much longer battery life.
Last month I welcomed in my M12 fuel hackzall. Nothing but praise for it.
December was when I brought in my first new Milwaukee tool. It was a M12 Fuel 2-tool combo kit 2597-22. Containing the hammer drill/driver and the 1/4 inch hex driver. Every time I use one these two items I ask my self why it took so long to purchase a decent cordless tool. I should say a great cordless tool.
A lot of on line research, the in formation here from the toolguyd solidified my decision to go with Milwaukee brand. I am not a pro, but do have a 20 x 20 shop out back that I do something in daily. If not something in the house. My first thought was 18v. Size became a real consideration and the power of the 12v fuel just seemed as if it would be plenty. And for me it is plenty. Having already broken off a few metal fasteners with the hex drive.
Next 12v Fuel purchase???

I recently bought a Bosch MX30EC-31 oscillating tool and a RotoZip SS560vsc RotoSaw. I read somewhere (here, I think) that Fein is coming out with a new MultiMaster soon. I was gonna wait for it but the reviews for the Bosch were excellent and it’s cheaper.

I’ve mostly been buying hand tools recently.
I’ve been doing a lot of faucet installs, so I picked up a Ridgid 66807 faucet and sink installation tool, along with a new compression ferrule puller.
My next power tool purchase is going to be a Fein MultiMaster, but I’m waiting to see what the new models are like before I decide which one to get.

I believe Bosch and Fein have teamed up on the new OMT Star connector standard (or whatever it is called) and should be comparable products.

I could not resist getting the Knipex Cobra XXL. And they are one of my favorite purchases.

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My Dad and I just got an Earlex HV5500 HVLP sprayer.

Tried it out this weekend and it works so good. Very happy with it so far. I’m new to spraying so it might take a while to get really good at it but so far what I’ve done worked out very well.

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Boy that sounds like a really nice unit. I still haven’t tried spraying but everything I’ve read indicates that is a good system.

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I also recently picked up the m12 hackzall(combo with drill), and then the m12 hammer drill/impact set. Great tools, although I will mention this:
I returned the first hammer drill/ impact combo because the impact had something (parts? dessicant beads?) rattling around inside and the selector detent didn’t work right on the hammer drill. The second set, which I inspected in store, had a very slight chuck wobble in the hammer drill. Submitting to customer service on the website was useless, but I received great customer service when I called, and all of that has been remedied.

Great tools so far, although, seeing that TTI sells the Ridgid sets with a 2ah and a 4ah battery at a low price, I wish the battery in the hammer drill combo was 4ah and not 3.

Edit: the hammer drill combo came with 2 and 4ah batteries, it’s the hackzall drill combo that has only 1.5ah batteries, understandable at the price

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I recently picked up the Lowes $50 Black&Decker autosence with BT speaker combo, they still had the holiday signage for buy the kit get a bare tool, so I grabbed the recip saw. They did a price override at the counter. Next day went in to grab another set and all the signs for the free tool were gone… Opps my fault lol.

I’ve never used a sprayer before but after watching the review from the Wood Whisperer I figured it would be great. The tough part was finding it for a decent price in Canada. Stupid Canadian Dollar has made everything so expensive lately.

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+100 on this one, I’m getting upset following ToolGuyd at the moment because most of the stuff is either not available at all up here or is twice the price.

I did buy a cordless DeWalt reciprocating saw recently, it was on offer, bare tool only. I wanted it so I could break down pallets on the street to fit in my small car. It has enough power to get through the supports, but I switch to a corded saw to cut through all the nails when I get home.

Three things are on my current list but none are affordable.

  1. DeWalt cordless jigsaw, but I only want the bar tool and not to pay more than $125 CAN so some way off that.
  2. SawStop table saw, unfortunately neither space nor funds make this realistic any time soon.
  3. Jointer, I really only have space for a 6" one and I know if I get one I’ll be disappointed with the capacity.
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I’d like to pick up a jointer as well. I’ve heard some good things about the brand King. Would love an 8" but the price increase from 6" to 8" is just too much.

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I would tell you that I went with the Powermatic 54HH 6 helical head jointer. I love it. I don’t have a lot of room in my base,net shop and I’d love to have and 8" but room was the big motivating factor in the purchase. The helical head cutters are really ingenious and the machine is incredibly quiet.

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Just grabbed a B+D grinder for $22 at Ace. Nothing fancy but my old grinder needed a new power cord so in the interest of saving time replacing the 15yo tools cord i got a cheap new one and as an added bonus its 1.5 amps stronger :slightly_smiling: