What to do with older Makita tools

Hi Folks! My dad was a Makita Rep for over 15 years before he retired back in 1996. He passed a few years ago and now I have a bunch of older Makita tools with all the various battery systems which are dying/dead… I have some stuff from the 7.2 stick batteries all the way up to the 14.4 Nimh stuff. (I even have a demo model with a clear body 9.6V stick battery drill, and a TON of the Miss Makita posters…)

I’m not interested in buying the newer Makita 18V stuff because I just don’t use it enough to justify the expense compared to the lower cost Ryobi I have decided on (it just fits my use case better I think). Is there a way to make the Ryobi batteries fit the Makita stuff (mostly the 14.4 nimh) or should I just sell it and move on? I have thought about designing an adapter and printing one up from one of the 3-d print companies but I’m not sure if it’s really worth the time.

Thoughts? Advice?

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I’m no expert about selling or buying used tools on eBay - but I have spied listings for older Makita tools.
The prices being sought on most of these items seem quite low making me wonder if there is really a market for old cordless tools based on NiCad or NiMH batteries. As you have discovered, the shelf life of the batteries is limited - and a cordless tool with a dead battery is not worth much - except if it happens to be a rare collector’s item. Buying refurbished batteries or having yours refurbished - might be one option - but then you are still stuck with an old tool that is likely sub-par by today’s standards.

Your other thought about converting your old 14.4V tools to work on Ryobi 18V Lion batteries is way beyond my realm of expertise - but sounds daunting. I’ve seen converters that purportedly adapt 18V Makita batteries to work on Ryobi 18V tools - but I’d even be cautious about this. Many modern tools communicate with their batteries - rather than just pull energy from them - so building an adapter may need to take into account the differences between manufacturer’s battery-to-tool communication schemes

As I think you have surmised - it is probably best to just move on - and with Ryobi Days going on at Home Depot - there may be some good deals to be had.

I don’t know whether it’s too late or not, but I remember watching a Matthias Wandel video where he used your exact combination: adapting a new Ryobi battery to an older Makita tool. He called his video “Ryokita” cordless franken drill.

It looks ghetto but it’s also free. Cheers!

So you have an assortment of ryobi chargers/tools and …the like. If i’m reading your ‘q’ correctly you believe the old 14.4 could wrk in a Makita (newer)tool you have?