What tool for trimming porcelain tile?

I’m looking at trimming a fair number of porcelain (claimed) tiles for a balcony, and it’s outside my field of expertise. I don’t anticipate complicated curves or anything. What tool should I use? I’m thinking about either an OMT or a “cut-off” saw like the M12 or DeWalt’s new version. TIA!

OMT is going to be miserably slow.
A cut-off saw like the M12 or the Dewalt would work, so would an angle grinder with the appropriate blade. That said, if you’re cutting a “fair number” I’d suggest renting a basic wet tile saw. They’re super easy to use, a lot faster and probably safer than using handheld power tools, and quite economical.


completly agree with mecha with one potential issue.

what size tiles are you going to be playing with. If you think you will deal with really small tiles you might also want to get one of the nipper tools (think wire cutter pliers on steroids).

as small tiles are a bit hard to hold and cut well - however again. angle grinder (4.5 inch) and the right blade and grind wheel (yes you might grind to fit too) will come in handy. for mass cuts a rental wet saw is the table saw of tile work. I didn’t use one for my bathroom redo but did use the angle grinder. but for my buddy’s house with a kitchen redo and back splash and etc. wet saw just eats the side off a 12 inch tile with ease and speed.


Thanks @MechaMan and @Napalm!

Yes, I wasn’t very specific. The tiles are about 12" square, and the area to be covered is about 50 square feet, but kind of long and narrow, with posts for the guard rail and the deck roof. I imagine about 1/3 of the tiles will need to be cut down for width, and some will need trimming to fit around the posts. (That’s why I thought something like a cut-off saw would be good.)

I’ll check out renting a wet saw. Thanks again!

A rental saw would probably make the most sense. If you rent id suggest getting the kind where the motor and blade ride on an overhead track. I bought a ridgid wet saw for $100 on a holiday special, didnt need it at the time but have used it since then. there are also some very inexpensive saws on the market, not sure if I could recommend them. You may check the used market.

see if you know anyone that bought one. I’ve noticed alot of price point marketing of new wet saws. Like mentioned above. Just a bit more than a rental fee but you don’t have to return it by a certain time. so people buy one. use it once or twice and it sits.

I’m seeing a similar thing with airless paint sprayers.

@bikefrog and @Napalm,

A used saw is an excellent idea. I imagine I could sell it for about what I got it for.

Come to that, I wonder if the local tool library has one. They have lots of crapped out routers and OPE, but I haven’t seen a wet saw. I’ll check.

Thanks guys!