What's Next in Drilling & Fastening Innovation?!

Do you ever sit and wonder what is next in drilling & fastening? So much has happened in the evolution of power tools… It’s pretty amazing when you sit back and look at the big picture.

Some Trends we have seen:
Corded to Cordless Tools
NiCad to Lithium Batteries
Larger Ah Battery Capacities
Brushed to Brushless Motors
Bluetooth Batteries

What will the next big move be? What would benefit you that isn’t on the market today?

We are currently in the very early days of oil impacts, I can’t wait 1) to try one 2) see the design mature.

What is the benefit of an oil impact driver?


Ridgid makes one called Stealthforce

Low noise, high speed. Don’t let those low torque #'s fool ya though, they are said so be able to run 6" lags with no trouble.
The Ridgid is in this roundup

Less noise from fluid power transmission instead of hammer/anvil strike may take off as a feature. I also think we will start to see more smart tools - possibly using systems like Milwaukee One Key - that can be precisely set for particular fasteners in particular driving situations. Other innovations might include electronic sensing that automatically adjusts torque and speed to optimize driving without fastener failure. Finally I think we will see new approaches to dealing with torque reaction and avoid user injuries

36v! The power of some of these drills and impacts now with 36v is phenomenal!

I have even seen this put to use in a garden strimmer now, which albeit isn’t a drill or impact, it’s power that normally you would associate with a petrol counterpart.

For Rotohammers - I think we will see more and different alternative solutions to compliance with OSHA silica dust regulations.

I also think folks are working on lighter weight jackhammers that have adequate impact force for demanding breaking tasks. This should be helpful as more women enter the workforce - and would not be a bad thing for men too to reduce soft tissue and back injuries associated with jackhammer use.

Yes, please! The gyroscopic sensor in the DeWalt screwdriver could work the other way around too – if the bit snags and the tool takes off spinning, it should cut power immediately before it twists your wrist off.

Been there, done that. Did a lot of concrete core-drilling as a teenager to buy my first car…

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with flexvolt or High demand batteries I suppose it’s possible you could make a powerful screwgun that would be non impact but still run down large screws or even lags.

I mean like a larger drill/driver item but only for driving - produces say 800 in-lbs (or so) and a clutch slipper - runs in 3 inch number 9 screws with easy - but no impacting noise.

In theory that could happen.

I think the first think you will see is more of the customized programing for running drills, taps and screws. I mean I never thought of running a tap with a cordless drill but having seen it done smoothly - well why not.

so you have your one key or tool connect etc and selected program in your smartphone - and now your driver is programed to run in 6in lags in wet pressure treat. later that day new selection it’s running in deck screws

etc etc - same with drills. drilling sheet metal program A, drilling through hardwood 4/4 program G, etc.

@ Napalm

A cordless version of the sadly discontinued Bosch 1461/1462 (corded) tapper would be a welcome addition to someone’s lineup. We were skeptical when we bought one - but it got used a lot in the shop. Its clever push/pull forward/reverse chuck worked well.

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