What's the deal with Flexvolt?

I’ve been surfing Dewalt’s website recently and have noticed a trend with the Flexvolt tools, they aren’t available, aren’t listed on retail sites anymore, or on long backorder. I know a lot of this might be due to global supply chains disrupted from Covid19. However I’m beginning to wonder if Dewalt is moving on or at least moving on from the ideas that started Flexvolt. So far I’ve bought the 12" Dual Miter Saw, the compressor, the table saw, the circular saw, the recip saw, the grinder, the chainsaw, and the power head / string trimmer.

If you actually go to Dewalt’s main Flexvolt site they only list about 4-5 tools including only the recip saw, grinder, and circular saw I’ve bought. All of the other Flexvolt tools I’ve bought still have sub sites if you Google search but when you look at places to buy none have any in stock, it’s backordered, or the retailer has delisted the tool completely. Maybe this means Dewalt is revamping but knowing Dewalt I wonder if it’s bye bye. Sure the compressor is probably the worst selling of all the Flexvolt tools but I use mine all the time for airbrushing to touch up chips on automotive paint, it’s invaluable that way but if it croaks I’ve got nothing close to it to replace it unfortunately. I think Dewalt has definitely dropped it. You can’t tell me they haven’t sold many of the miter saws though; the fact they can use batteries or wall power is amazing and once you’ve used one you don’t want to go back.

I think Flexvolt has been great so far. However if it’s another typical Dewalt move to drop stuff before they’ve given it a chance I probably will never come back to them. I’ll spend the money on Makita / Milwaukee instead.