When these large cases are going to be available?!

Interesting, last year at Craftsman, they showed a Versastack (red TSTAK) version of a case that smaller cases could attach to, but I don’t think I’ve heard of a Tough System version.

And there are 3 different small case sizes?

Sorry Benjamen, It is not a Toughsystem compatible, these cases are called Toughcase+ in general in different sizes. There is a DeWALT version of this also, but both just in photos :slight_smile:

Sorry, I saw ToughCase System in the filename when I scrolled over your photo and I confused it with Tough System.

I get the two confused all the time, they really need a better naming system. Versastack, TSTAK, Packout – it is very clear what you are talking about. Tough Case on the other hand refers to a bunch of different products that aren’t necessarily compatible.

I think when I found the photo online it was named like that and I saved it with the same name, I know it is a bit confusing, not everybody is crazy for these cases like me to remember the name properly :slight_smile: I do agree with you about naming issue, they use this “Tough” for everything almost :slight_smile: The DeWALT Toughcases are different category and Toughcase+ is another category, It seems the ones have clear lid are called Toughcase+.

I have seen a photo like this online, I am not sure it is real or not or maybe a prototype, any idea?

DeWALT one is a bit different, has three horizontal lines for plastic racks but Craftsman one has five vertical lines for those racks, this gives me the option to organise longer bits in DeWALT one compared to Craftsman one, also DeWALT one has some dividers which is new in these cases.