Where are the Dewalt Made In USA new tools

SO a while ago Dewalt had marketing for the newer Drills and etc - made in USA with global materials . . .

DCD 791 was something I was going to buy - was one of these devices. There were supposed to be more of this coming.

Noted recently the new impact wrench that I want, the new ratchet - and as importantly the new DCD 805 drill the compact more power hot device - all made in China.

where are and what are the other made in USA tools?

I don’t know of any definitive lists but I was curious so I took a look at a handful of Dewalt tools in my office at the moment. 3 were made in China. DCF894 impact wrench is USA made. DCW200 1/4 sheet sander was made in Mexico.
A family member purchased the front wheel drive walk-behind lawn mower a couple of weeks ago. I saw that it was marked made in the USA when I helped them unpack it.

it’s more a matter of what I’ve noticed of late. specific to the tools I was planning to buy next. What really caught me was the drill. I was planning on replaceing my kit special drill with a 791 and never got around to it but when I look they are made in USA. Now with the 800 805 coming on I’m leaning to getting the 805 hammer drill so as to have the same space but hammer function and more power. win win right - flip it over made in china.

They did the same with the Craftsman USA tools as well. You can still pick some up, but they are going all in on the Chinese made RP line of brushless tools.