Where can I buy folding carpenter squares?

Years ago I gave a friend a Nobex folding square from Rocklers, not the kind with three legs that become a triangle, but a regular square, except the blade is mounted on a pivot, with a heavy spring and detents at 45, 90 and 135 degrees. The design seemed reasonably sturdy, and the accuracy was guaranteed to last for 50,000 openings and closings, or something like that.

Lately I’ve had to take my show on the road (renting time at a woodworking co-op) so I thought a folding square would be handy.

And lo, I can’t find one for sale in the US. Nobex, Bora and Swanson all make them, but the only one I can find for sale is a plastic Bora, on Amazon.

Any ideas? And why aren’t they sold here anymore?

nobex is sweedish according to the google pic. which would be why it’s hard to find here.

Didn’t Husky make a folding arm square at one point.

meanwhile for something you want accurate and clean ordering from overseas might be a good choice.

Otherwise perhaps use a combination square that take it apart. A quality one shouldn’t have issues with pulling the ruler blade out to put in a bag.

Yes, Nobex is Swedish, but I used to be able to buy them here, as I said. Swedish tools have been sold in the US for a long time, also German, Spanish, French, Swiss, etc.

Don’t know about Husky.

I suppose ordering from overseas is a possibility, but shipping tends to cost a lot, and I don’t feel as confident they will fix it if there’s a problem.

The combination squares I have will all come apart, but the retention screw can fall out, and fitting it back into the blade is a pain.

I could see it being an issue. I don’t know of a good portable square that would work. Other than just deal with carring a 12 in rafter square. etc.

would a 6 inch combination be enough for you - I guess it depends on the tasks. I got nothing so good luck and post up what you find.

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Bora makes one and Hultafors does too.

I knew about Bora, didn’t know about Hultafors. And there’s Nobex and Swanson, like I said.

But my issue, as I said, is finding a place to buy these things.

In the Chicago area there’s a store that carries the Bora, that’s where I got mine. Berlands Tools.

Thanks, but they don’t seem to sell anything mail-order. I’m in Denver.

You might look at this Swanson:

CH Hanson and BonTool also make large right triangles that fold up and are popular among some masons. And CH Hanson plus Kapro makes a sort of drywall square that allows the T-bar to pivot and fold up.

Thanks, fred!

From the video, it seems to have an adjustable stop at 90 deg, but that’s all. It doesn’t lock at 90, and there’s no detent or anything at 45 that I can see. I could see it being useful for framing (which is what it’s designed for) but for furniture and cabinetry, I’m not so sure (and I know I did say “carpenter’s square”). I need something accurate, and maybe 12" long.