Where to buy PB Swiss Insider 3?

Anybody know any retailers who carry a lot of PB Swiss tools? I’m looking specifically for an Insider 3. Stuart lists only Tool Lady and Count On Tools, which is just PB Swiss’ retail outlet.

I normally would use Amazon or Home Depot, but they don’t carry it, and the thing is expensive enough for some shopping around.


PB Swiss does not have a large list of US distributors, and so those two are really your only options. If you can wait, there is usually a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal like clockwork.

Count on Tools is not PB Swiss’s retail outlet, they’re a US distributor. Their storefront design mimics PB Swiss’s look and colors, but it’s not directly affiliated with PB Swiss.

I believe the affiliation is similar to Bondhus and Felo.

Thanks once again, Stuart!

Yeah, I was fooled by Count on Tools’ website.