Who sells Power Bits in bins?

I recall being able to go through a long line of bins to pick out the power bits I needed. I don’t see that anymore, everything’s in little overpriced blister packs.

Anyone know of a vendor out there who carries bits in bins?

Ive seen bulk bits at some of the few independent hardware stores. Also lumber stores and some trade supply houses (which mostly sell wholesale). In addition some franchises like Ace, true value or do it best.

I’ve not seen bulk bits that are quality though. but the last time I saw something like that was at fastenal. it was years ago and back when torx head wasn’t very popular

how many do you need. a few companies will see sets of bits of the same size but I often find them on line. LIke say 5, powerdrive length (so near 2 inch), T25 bits.