Why is this lovely Stanley Suction Lifter available only in France and Ukraine?

Amazing tool, very heavy duty, I got one as a gift from a French guy who came here to London to install a kitchen for a restaurant, he saw how I fell in love with this tool and we checked online and we saw it is only available from French and Ukrainian websites and he gave it to me as a gift, I googled it for ages to see if it becomes available from any UK seller or any international seller that does shipping to UK to buy another one but never it became. SBD can make it as DeWALT at least for US market, I could not see any other brand to match the quality in this size, it can lift 120kg.

The place I work at in the Chicago area sells a different brand but three different sizes and three different construction materials.

Would you please provide a brand name?

Don’t know what brand Steve uses - but have you looked at Woods Powr-Grip ?


This is interesting, they look so similar to the Stanley ones, extremely similar which leads me to think they are actually made at the same factory with tiny modification, I think Stanley ones are made in France as too many Stanley products are made in France. If these are made in France then I am right.
Thanks for the link.


Zoro’s sales page say the COO is the United States

The Woods are the ones we have.

Thanks for the link, I did check the photos and I can see some small differences, but very similar to Stanley ones in quality in general, if I can get these I won’t look for Stanley ones. UK websites are a big problem for shopping, lots of junk.

Thanks Steve. They look quality.

How about this one on AmazonUK

Amazing, and Stanley one showed up as well on Amazon UK. I prefer to buy what I have used before, a bit Anglicized in this matter :slight_smile: I am sure Woods one is good also, Thanks.

There is a difference between two suction lifter, in Woods one vertically positioned metal pieces are welded to the other piece, but Stanley ones are made of one piece of metal.