Why not a 4-1/2" compact saw?

The 5-3/8 saws don’t cut 2x material at 45 degrees already, so why not make a 4-1/2" compact saw , since they will cut 2x material at 90? I run a handyman business, and it would be great to have a small saw to cut a few 2x’s when needed, but still fit into a small case that doesn’t take up a lot of room. It seems to me like it might do well at the pro-sumer 12v lines

Dremel does these. The SawMax and the UltraSaw. No cordless edition, but you can definitely see where this might fit what you’re talking about.

There ARE Oscillating tools that are cordless, and they make half-circle saw blades that, although I’m not sure exactly the diameter, do resemble a 4 1/2 blade. I know the DeWALT one is comfortable enough to wear on your belt, but it is a 20V XR tool. Brushless, and possibly slightly off in size for what you’re asking.

So, something combining these two concepts, I take it? Kinda like putting a sawblade on an angle grinder, but smaller?

There are a lot of corded 4-1/2" saws out there already, most are referred to as “corded trim saws”. I was just saying that I wish someone would make one at 4-1/2 instead of 5-3/8. It would still cut 2x stock, and would also put less strain on the motor being a smaller circumference blade. It would possibly help the battery last longer, and take up less room when stored away

You mean making a full-on 4 1/2" BLADE for a 5 3/8" SAW? Sort of like putting a 6 1/2" saw blade into a saw that is meant for 7 1/4" blades? Just smaller blades?

For years I used a Rockwell-Porter-Cable 9314 - 4-1/2 inch worm gear trim saw. Before I got my TS55 track saw the 9314 was my go to tool for breaking down sheet goods. I still use it from time to time - currently with a Forrest WW04H407080 blade for cutting most sheet goods - and a PC 12121 reverse tooth blade for cutting Plexiglas.

If SBD - could dust off the 314/9314 design and turn it into a Dewalt cordless tool - I think it would sell


That makes a lot of sense to me, Fred. Plus it looks to be pretty close to the DeWALT 20Volt Max/XR line’s format already. Replace the handle with the Ergonomic grip one, drop the cord, replace with a battery slide lock, and you can really see this working. Of course, I’d like to see that same model in this same Porter Cable branding, just to honour this one. That said, I don’t see those two models being all that big a stretch for SBD. Which probably means we’ll be waiting until 2022 for either of them to be released, and if we’re lucky right now, it’ll be released in the Craftsman line in 2020 first.

But, the question I still have is… is this what Perey was looking for?

If you have a year, that would be a great idea.

That’s the one, fred, thanks.

I’d even be happy with one of the newer style barrel grip saws, like worx makes, but cordless. Unfortunately, they only make that style cordless with a 3-3/8 blade. Here’s the corded one

I wasn’t really explaining it well Dorian, fred linked to the worm drive I was thinking of.
Makita did make a cordless version in the 80’s with a 4-1/2" blade and a 10.8v nicd battery pack, but it only spun at around 1300rpm. I don’t remember how good it was, but with lithium batteries and higher rpm, it seems to me like a good idea

Oh, don’t worry! I was just trying to figure out which version of the saw you were talking about. I was curious about the idea myself, so I figured I’d see if I could get on the same page!

Fred really stepped up for both of us! There’s never any harm in a little back-and-forth questioning, is there? Gets the details out, and you learn lots of extra stuff when folks like Fred step in to save the day!

Tempting, but wouldn’t buy one. I have a 7-1/4 cordless DeWalt, and 3-3/8 corded Rockwell, so I’m covered.

I would buy a 3-3/8 cordless, but only if it uses batteries I already own: Worx or DeWalt. A cordless 3-3/8 is just perfect for whacking small pieces of trim, laminate, vinyl, or soft metal. A 4-1/2 would be what I would want if I did more than occasional finishing work. I’m so spoiled on cordless tools I don’t care if I never see another cord… almost. :slight_smile:

Worx makes a 20v 3-3/8 saw.

I have a makita 3-3/8, I just wish it could cut 1-1/2" thick material. It’s too slow and the blade is an inch too small.
I believe that worx saw spins at 2500rpm, faster than the other brands.


Yeah, I couldn’t do without my cordless 7-1/4. I use my corded 3-3/8 for quick jobs on very small stuff.

Can’t find the Worx cordless, but I’ll keep looking! Thanks for the info, now I know what I want for Christmas.

Oops… found it on eBay, $64.00