Workshop first aid kits

A friend asked me for a recommendation for a good workshop first aid kit after her husband injured himself in his shop. I’ve always put together my own kits, but it seems like something like this should be available. Do any of you have a go-to favorite for a woodshop that can be purchased online?

I checked out Grainger’s list,, and they seem to have a decent selection, but I’m sure I’m missing something better suited to what we do.

There are OSHA and AINSI standards for first aid kits - some parts are just guidelines based on the type of business environment, proximity to outside professional medical help, number of employees etc.

Grainger has a decent write-up on this subject:

I used to send a number of people for annual CPR training/recertification at the American Red Cross - and we’d bring an instructor in to do PPE/Safety/First Aid Training. think the first aid training was based on NSC course materials.

Thanks Fred! That’s a helpful link - I hadn’t dug far enough to find the standard details, and that’s useful.

I don’t think it meets any OSHA or ANSI requirements, but Adventure Medical Kits has excellent first aid kits:

If you’d really like a rated kit, here’s a selection: