Worn out Dewalt batteries

Hi All - I hope I’m not violating any forum rules by asking this, but wondering if anyone has some dead Dewalt 20V batteries laying around that they are willing to share. I just need the shell and the wiring - no cells, preferably from a 4 Ah or larger.

I bought the Dewalt DCL079B 20V MAX Cordless Tripod Light during the recent 10 Day Gear Up sale last month. It is a great light - the only drawback being that it is battery only, no AC option. I want to try to make an AC adapter for it using a 20V laptop charger and a battery shell.

With the AC adapter I can work in the near perpetual darkness that is Northern MN in the winter without the constant dread of the light blinking to tell me it is about to die!



I’m not sure where you are in Northern Minnesota, but say you’re in the Duluth region you could stop by Home Depot and see if you could dig through the battery recycling box. Or maybe a Batteries Plus or another place that recycles batteries.

They aren’t technically supposed to let you do that, but I’ve asked and the manager said he’d look the other way.

Thanks Benjamen - the HD idea is a good one!