Would you like to have DeWALT version of this Makita tool?

If yes, would you like to have some additional features on it?

The Makita one is dedicated for tile cutting only and has a watering can/bottle, I don’t want to cut tiles dry for a few reasons: too much dust, blade worn out so quickly and blades are not cheap, wet cut provides cleaner edge.

Sorry! From the photo I thought it was their circular saw.

Yeah, I know they have a similar one which is a circular saw.

The Makita version for wood hearkens back to their 9.6V NiCad saw that was very popular at the same time that wood paneling was all the rage in the US. It was indeed popular - but rather wimpy for cutting anything other than thin sheet goods. I’ve seen the same complaint raised by some reviewers about the current 12V LiIon version:

Yeah, I have seen those old ones, these are good for maintenance guys I would say and for cutting sheet materials maximum.