Pliers - Some Different Types

Hog ring pliers.



The excellent CRIMPFOX 6T-F front entry tool for bootlace ferrules.


A few more styles:



With a new post on Toolguyd about a different pair of pliers:

I thought to update the pliers’ lists by adding a few more:

And these for archery:

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I figured it was time to add a few more – mostly associated with bending metal for lettering/signage:

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Thought to add a few more:

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I responded to a recent posted question about sheet metal tools. It had me looking at an old inventory that included tools from Stubai and others that we had sourced from John Stortz & Co.

They sell some specialized pliers for metal roofing. I’ve provided some links:

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Special pliers fro removing nails from tires:

Fishbone Removal Pliers

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HD Lock ring pliers

Long nose screw extractors

Fret tang nipper

Railing bracket gripper

Fret press

Cable gripping pliers

Irrigation pipe expanding pliers

D-loop pliers

Teardrop forming pliers

Cable tie pliers

Chain link pliers

pistol grip locking pliers

A few more from Edma:

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Collins miter spring pliers

To use with the Collins coping foot for trim.

Fred, the next time I need to do any job, I should check this valuable list. Just amazing!

Good grief… Fred, do you sleep? That’s an amazing list!

I came across an unusual pair of old pliers in a second-hand store a year ago, made by Giller. (Now out of business after many corporate twists and turns over the years.). I’ve never seen a pair like these, and a Google image search didn’t turn up anything. But they’re quite useful. Aside from the dual jaws, there is a small opening in the end as well. (I added the plastic handle coating with Plasti-Dip.)

they look like battery post cleaners

These are often called “gas pliers”

Despite the eBay listing - they are not terribly rare

Aha! Thanks, Fred. I figured they were some sort of plumbing tool. I showed them to the gas fitter who was working on my Viessmann boiler a week ago and he hadn’t seen anything similar, though.

Now that I know the proper name, I found several hits online:

My pair were made by Utica

If you look at some of the Engineer brand Screw pliers or their look-alikes from Vampliers - there are some design similarities:

Fishing Reel Spool Pin Remover

Metric Wire Stripper and Metric Screw Cutter

These seem to come in 4 sizes - with the set including 3 out of 4