Power Tool Modifications



wow, ok i can only reply 3 times, so now i have to edit post… lol strange forum. I have a few more pictures, but i can’t post any more. I also did a battery adapter instead of permently modifing the tool, I made an old style dewalt adapter to new li-on makita battery.


Very very very nice!!


That’s awesome. Feel free to list a how to guide. NOTE: any how to guides are for entertainment purposes only and should not be attempted, modifying lithium batteries in any way can be dangerous, including but not limited to exploding and fire. Modifications of any kind voids all warranties and can cause tools to malfunction hurting yourself and others. That being said. How? I wanna know, I wanna know (The 10 year old inside me seems to say, whilst jumping up and down).
Also, did you have to use a plastic welder for that mod?


it was pretty simple, i used old broken tools as the battery base donor, used a grinder to cut off the two battery holders and used epoxy to glue it back. The wiring was a simple pos to pos and neg to neg. As i did more of them i got better, and later did them so i can even service them, the drill opens up into two sections just like a original dewalt drill for services (replacing brushes broken parts like the switch)


Mean like this?

Battery cross compatibility

How did you get Ryobi to work on Bosch? Because then I can do this. I can use this adapter on All Ryobi tools powered by black and yellow.


looks like this inside now. Was pretty easy taking a pod style battery. Much like how I did a dewalt and craftsman


Started like this


Dewalt to ryobi


This ridgid is what iam currently working on, electrical connections are not done yet. Non workin


This was my first convert to ryobi…

before I got Lion batteries I wasconverting dewault batteries to work in ryobi…lol


Huh. I wonder if I could run my Dewalt 18v tools off Ryobi lithium packs…


Makita sander with Dewalt battery:

Please Dewalt, can you come out with your own 20V Max version?


Spotted this today while searching for ways to make a Makita battery fit Ryobi tools.


That’s kinda neat… sorta cool to see a way to breath new life into old tools.


my own little mod… surprisingly easy, little cutting, little soldering. Battery fits amazingly well. Just an FYI this thing always sounded like butt for music though works great for audio books and talk radio :wink:


I modified my Dewalt DC983 14.4V nicad drill for running a Dewalt 20V max pack.

It’s been running pretty well.

I don’t have a lot of pictures from the conversion:


This is my Modified B&D Autosense drill. I took a drill that was otherwise worthless for anything, and re-geared it to 4K RPM, added a Soux precision chuck, a handle knob, and thrust bearing grease provisions (little round zerk at top). It was sort of a time consuming task and took robbing the spindle from another drill, but overall it makes a nice aluminum sheet metal drill for size 3/16" or less. Drill chart speeds are high for small drills in aluminum. FYI, I own a machine shop lol. www.aptoolsllc.com


LOVE it! :slight_smile: