This is inspired by the Toolguyd battery article
As I posted in this thread Battery cross compatibility
Porter Cable and Black+Decker batteries are the same animal and with Very minor effort they will work with each other.
its hard to see but both boards say V1.3 and are identical in every way.
the cells have different markings Im guessing they are different venders and I could not find any info on the # strings.
If this was a Black+Decker tool removing this tab on the OPPOSITE side would make Porter Cable batteries fit

Regular MSRP of B+D batteries is $50 PC is $70, I found some 2.0 AH B+D Batteries for $25 so I grabbed one to test out the mod, I found Lowes selling the B+D Autoscence drill and BT speaker combo for $50 and they still had signage for buy the combo get a free bare tool so I grabbed the B+D recip saw (by the way PC batteries just fit NO modding needed)
I hope this helps.

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I can’t see any of the linked pictures. I get a 404 error for every one.

I think its fixed :slightly_smiling:

Nice work!

The battery pack on the left of this pic seems to be LG HB4 cells, I can’t tell what the cells on the right are.

I need to see a datasheet (can’t find one) for full specs, but the seem to be high current cells with 30A max continuous current delivery, 25A optimal.

But that doesn’t tell you its cold weather performance, number of cycles until degradation, or things like that.

the Left one in all pics Is the Porter Cable. and so i took the B+D battery apart again and exposed the cell a little better lgdahb31865

Ah, got it.

If you still have the B&D pack open, could you jot down what it says on the top line? I’m curious to see what types of cells they are.

lol see above just edited as you replied

Very temped to crack open my PC 4 AH and BD 2 AH now… I must be bored 2AH is in my wifes car and shes gone but popped open the 4AH PC. it too has the same V1.3 board but the cells are labeled “a sa8r2e”


So that’s an LG HB3 cell, with rated max discharge of 20A. I can’t find an optimal max discharge rate.

So until we know otherwise, let’s assume the main difference between HB3 and HB4 batteries is 20A vs. 30A max discharge rate.

Some batteries are hard to identify, either with faded or blocked writing. Sometimes the colors of the wrapping help.

I can’t find anything on A SA8R2E, sorry.

Opened 2AH B+D


That’s a bit surprising to me, seeing as how they’re decent batteries not too far off from the more premium ones pro-level brands use.

The label says INR18650-20Q, which according to an online datasheet can support up to 15A continuous current. A more premium cell, INR18650-20R, can deliver up to 22A of continuous current.

so i found this 12V Kobalt kit on clearance about a year ago and figured id pop open the pack as well… and to my surprise…

My wife’s vaporizer battery…flash kinda killed the label a little it’s 2600mah

Why is that a surprise?

I think that Samsung and Sanyo are the most popular brands of cordless power tool battery cell makers. Samsung offers different same-capacity cells with different capabilities.