Battery cross compatibility

A recent post about Los Gatos and a post a while back about Mac and Dewalt batteries being interchangeable got me wondering, how many new 3rd party battery / tools are now available? Maybe readers could add to this list. Even if not sold in the U.S.A. I am curious if anyone has found any cross compatibility with any of the major tool brands.

Dewalt and Mac interchangeable.

I use a Milwaukee heated jacket with my Dewalt 12v and 20v batteries (yep interchangeable both ways), also can be used hardwired to a 12v cigarette/power port for people driving motorcycles or snow cats, etc.

Los Gatos corded battery adapter.

Bostitch box stapler uses Dewalt 12v.

There are now 3rd party LiOn batteries (although I would never use one)

Then there is this lighting tool system that can use Dewalt, Makita and soon Milwaukee batteries.

I have seen a Snap- On glue gun with a Dewalt battery but I’m not sure if that was a home mod, but if memory serves it was a small company selling a cross platform adapter.

Dewalt has also has a 18v battery adapter to use with the 20v batteries. (Posted on Toolguyd first).

Posts away, it should be noted some of these will immediately void any warranties the second they are plugged in or used.

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third party batteries,no thanks. Mac doesnt make their stuff Dewalt probably OEMs it thats why it works. Snapon Cordless is made by Bosch Bostitch is owned by stanley/black and decker who also owns Dewalt,porter cable etc.

Are Snapon and Bosch cross compatible at all?

That I honestly am not sure about. I have a decent amount of Bosch items but only Snapon hand tools. Their power tools just arent worth the price imo.

A bit off-topic, but something that irks me is that Porter Cable deliberately made their 20v Max system incompatible with the 18v stuff. Granted, I picked up all of my 18v tools on clearance, but I’d stick by them if new lithium batteries and tools were available. Instead, I’m stuck hoping to find 3+ year old 1.3Ah batteries on clearance, paying $80 for a 2.6Ah EX battery online, or getting a Ni-Cad battery for $46 at Lowes. Switching from stem to slide packs (like DeWalt did) is understandable, but PC uses slide packs for both of their 18v lines. I’m sure there’s some reasoning, such as not wanting Ni-Cad packs used with the new 20v Max line, but as much as I like the 18v system I never even considered sticking with PC when it came time to upgrade. Just started buying DeWalt 20v Max and won’t look twice at Porter Cable’s offerings (same parent company, I know…).

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Everyones 20v system is incompatible. But Dewalt has made it so you can get an adaptor to use the newer batteries on the older line. I have the porter cable 20v system,they are great tools for the price. on some batteries there is just a tab or two molded into where it slides on the tools,you might see if you can file those down and make them work… or do what i did and get into a seperate line for 12v or something.

Porter Cable makes decent stuff after all they are basically a dewalt being owned by the same company.

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Not 3rd party, but Craftsman 20V MAX and B&D 20V are the same battery system. I’ve got Craftsman Drill/Driver and B&D yard tools and use the batteries interchangeably.


I agree. I’ve got a PC 18v drill that still has a ton of life, but I’ve abandoned them for new tools. I see a lot of PC 18v sets on Craiglist for really cheap for this reason. Dead batteries basically. Also the 20v max PC stuff is hideous. I still love PC for routers and I have a great 18g nail gun of theirs, but I’ve pretty well switched to Bosch for cordless tools at this point.

I finally found some info on Porter Cable and Black & Decker 12v Max interchangeability: seems there is just a tab on the PC batteries to keep them from being used in B&D tools. I have the PC impact driver and drill kit with two batteries but have been wanting another battery or two. Those tools stay in the truck for impromptu projects or tasks.

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I like my Bosch stuff alot,especially my 12v. so anxious for those new 12v brushless impacts to release. Honestly couldnt care what they look like,they feel good in the hand,had good power,and are cheap.

If I were a contractor or something Id probably have more Dewalt,makita, and milwaukee. just because of the large selection of tools in those lines.

Makes sense,same company they just try and keep the sheeple from putting other batts in there :slight_smile:

All Stanley Black&Decker 20v batteries (excluding Dewalt) are interchangeable with VERY minimal modification. I have modded Black&Decker batteries to fit Porter Cable tools and they still work just fine in my B&D lawn products. It’s as simple as notching/cutting a tab and grind out the corners near the release button. I’ve also removed the blocking tab on my B&D stuff to fit my PC batteries. Bostitch and Stanley fatmax batteries are also able to be used. One surprise I got a free B&D recip saw and my PC batteries just fit right in, no modding required.

That’s awesome I’m glad you posted that, I often wondered if batteries sold by different brands under the same parent company would be compatible past the microprocessor handshake. Looks like some are if one can get them to fit.

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Unlike Dewalt the rest of the SBD lines are “dumb” tools relying on the charge controller in the battery and charger.

Found another one, different company (although most likely owned by TTI), using Milwaukee M12 on another tool platform. eForce battery powered crimping tool.

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And there is one little tab on the DeWalt 20 v that keeps them from being interchangleable with the B&D and the Craftsman 20 volt.

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And there is one little tab on the DeWalt 20 v that keeps them from being interchangleable with the B&D and the Craftsman 20 volt.


Porter Cable and BD

notice Dewalt 5 slot and PC BD 4 slot.

Minor modding will NOT allow x compatibility

I personalty have modded 2 B+D batteries to fit PC, I have NOT cut the PC tools but dremeled out the B+D battery “slopes”. I got a free B+D recip saw and NO modding needed my PC batteries just fit, I have cut the blocking tap inside the battery track of my B+D yard tools to accept my PC batteries.

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Ridgid tool accepting Makita battery. Found another one. Anyone out there know if there are anymore ridgid / makita tools are cross compatible? Verified ridgid charger will not charge this makita battery model, but the tool works perfect with this non OEM battery.

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Came across this post on Amazon. DCA1820 compatible with WORX batteries, thus making Dewalt 18v tools compatible with WORX with a very easy modification. Read all the disclaimers from first post. Can anyone verify this: And also if Worx and Rockwell are cross compatible?

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